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Frisco, a city located just north of Dallas, is considered as one of the fast progressing cities in United States.

A lot of people are beginning to discover the greatness that this Texas suburb has to offer. Significantly, the real estate industry in this city is starting to build up a good reputation in providing a homey and convenient place. 

Frisco Demographics

As of the moment, there are about 100,000 people living in Frisco. The population is apparently growing so fast considering that the city population in 2008 was only about 34,000. The average people per household accounted for 2.79 and 32 years old being the median age population. 

Employment is not a problem in the city of Frisco. There are a lot of jobs available to cater the survival needs of most people living in this city. Latest survey reveals the unemployment rate in Frisco is just under 8%. Essentially, the median income of household for the year of 2012 is $96,644.

Pros of Living in Frisco, TX

One of the most apparent benefits of the city of Frisco is its family-friendly environment. If you are the kind of person who loves to have a peace and harmonious place for your family, Frisco might just be the best place for you. The crime rate in this city is relatively low compared to its neighbouring Texas cities. 

Frisco is also a youth-oriented city catering 30,000 students, or one-third of the city population. The streets of Frisco are always filled with youthful vibes and most of the events held in the city are centered on family oriented themes. 

The cost of living in Frisco is also one of the factors that attract people to stay and live in this city. The cost of living in this city is essentially low compared to other cities but this is mostly due to the fact that Frisco home values are significantly lower than most of the US cities. 

However, the goods and services offered in this city are a bit higher than expected specifically gas and electrical services. This is because retails in Frisco are paying for a high rent. So in order to compensate for the high rent, retailers would impose a higher price on their goods and services. 

Houses Made Affordable

As mentioned above, housing in Frisco has a pretty low cost compared to its neighbouring cities. Most of the houses in Frisco were built years ago. Because of that, reasonable prices were given for these homes. And with the increasing rate of foreclosures in Frisco, house values continued to decrease. Frisco home values can range from $100,000 (simple homes) to millions (luxury communities in Frisco). 

Usually, the prices of homes in Frisco are computed on a square foot basis. The average price for a square foot Frisco home is $70, which is 17.6% lower compared to 2011. The median Frisco home price also had a 28% decrease. As of 2012, the median home price in this city is $165,600. 

As of the moment there are about 1,834 newly constructed homes in Frisco. So what are you waiting for? Do not miss the chance of owning an affordable Frisco home. Get your phone and contact some of Frisco's trusted real estate experts through visiting their website
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